Guest Blog 3: Listening for the Gift to Give


Guest Blog: Listening for the Gift to Give
Guest Blog by Petra Počanić
Part 3 (Click here for Part 1Part 2, and Part 4)
Photos by Sylvia Brenzel unless otherwise noted.



A new challenge ahead for our third day: How can we become a gift to Montegabbione? A one day ideation and prototyping workshop to run through the process, learn from the community, perceive from the environment, share the findings, try some idea generation methods, create, create, create, test our ideas and have fun.

A two day ‘isolation’ was a good way of preparing our mind and senses before getting immersed in the local context. As soon as we arrived in Montegabbione we spread out, hunting for as much data, impressions and inspirations as possible. The local inhabitants were very open, curious and ready to share with us their most personal stories, fears, visions and hopes. Initially we came to become a gift to Montegabbione and in the end it was a mutual gift.

A moment of joy and love.


Talking with the inhabitants of Montegabbione


“Meet Evarista Tortolini, 94, owner & full time barista of the oldest bar in Montegabbione. Eva embodies the genius loci of this small town in Umbria. Or like the mayor Fabio Roncella de Montegabbione said: “Eva is the mythical figure of our village.” Here she proudly poses with a photograph of her younger self. Meeting Eva was a joy and an honour. Her spirit is simply contagious.”

Comment and photo by Manuela Hernandez



Back at the house, sharing what we discovered after interviewing the inhabitants of Montegabbione.


Generating Ideas: How can we be a gift for Montegabbione in the time that we are here?



Return to Montegabbione to give the gifts!


Photo by Manuela Hernandez

Local kids took part in the process in a spontaneous and playful way showing us the importance of learning from the context – very often we’ve got our own ideas about certain events that did not happen yet and very often this ideas could be wrong.

Go out and let the unexpected reshape your ideas.

Video by Petra Počanić 



Photo by Petra Počanić 

This is Maria. She told us she will put everything we talked about in a bag and take a piece out whenever she needs it. Her wish was that we come back again because she and her friends love to share stories. And we did come back later that same day, with a nice message for her bag.

She is holding one of the “love notes” we passed out to the locals: Amo il bel sorriso di Montegabbione / I love the beautiful smile of Montegabbione.



“Soon after putting up a white paper canvas in a public space, some villagers started to interact with it. They quoted Balzac, drew a rainbow, and wrote words of appreciation for their own town.”

Comment and Photo by Manuela Hernandez

Video by Manuela Hernandez



Spreading love around Montegabbione with spontaneous serenades

15_hosting-innovationSpreading love around Montegabbione with love notes in chalk graffiti


With Fabio Roncella, the mayor of Montegabbione, who was very interested to know more about us and our workshop.

This was Part Three of a four-part post. If you didn’t already get the first parts, click here for Part 1Part 2, and Part 4.

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