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The Visionautikum is currently transforming into an international facilitator training for transformational accompaniment.

The annual programme will be online and in English and is possible on a part-time basis. Complementary to this, there will be an intensive leadership presence week once a year, which we will start in September 2023. 

The prerequisite for admission to the annual programme is participation in one of the 6-week visionary basic courses.

The challenge

Once you enter the field of change, you see how many social innovations, movements, social businesses and ecological innovations are working every day to create a more sustainable or liveable world. And this despite the fact that the political framework conditions are often difficult, budgets are tight and there is strong resistance from preservers of the status quo. Many people do this work because they find it important, but have never really learned

  • what to look for in transformation processes,
  • how to motivate fellow activists,
  • how to facilitate groups with different stakeholders and lead them to good results supported by all,
  • how to effectively lead a project group,
  • how to think beyond what is already there,
  • how to find sources of funding, and how to stay strong, healthy and happy in the process.

The list could go on for a long time.
What then happens quickly? Groups that sit together endlessly in plenary sessions, discussing their heads off without achieving anything significant, initiatives that peter out at the very beginning, ineffective, uncoordinated action within the organisation because individuals are pursuing different goals, unnecessary conflicts between stakeholders, employees on the verge of exhaustion, regurgitation of old procedures, and so on. This is a pity, because all this is at the expense of the joy of doing and working together and means much less impact than would be possible.

Our answer: The Visionautikum

From 2023 onwards, there will be a training to become a Visionaut, who can support purpose organisations, social innovation teams and changemakers as a professional encourager, process facilitator or changemaker - either in the role of a leader from the inside or as a process facilitator from the outside.

The one-year training is online and in English and is available on a part-time basis. In this way, we succeed in bringing together a variety of personalities and fields of activity that can cross-fertilise each other. We are planning 3 annual cycles from October to June, each with a different focus - Impact, Co-Creation and Mental Power - which can be booked separately, as well as an additional year for a final thesis. We are aiming for accreditation as a Master's, but cannot promise this at this point.

Complementary to this, there is an intensive leadership presence week once a year to meet each other in real life and to work with methods that are not possible online. We will start with this in September 2023.

In addition to a letter of motivation, the prerequisite for admission to the annual programme is participation in one of the Visionautic basic courses.

Visionautik Akademie

Visionautik e.V., Görlitzer Str. 65, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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