Eat and connect

Am Mittwoch den 19. Oktober 2011 luden die Partner der Lernpartnerschaft die berliner "Weltverbesserszene" in den K-Saloon, in der Bergmannstrasse, Berlin ein.

In an informal atmosphere, the education innovators introduced themselves and the work they do. This includes supporting individuals, and organisations that start new initiatives or impulse transformation processes with different focus:
SOL, Hungary, on systemic thinking and organization development;
Knowmads, The Netherlands, on social entrepreneurship;
Embercombe, UK, on environmental awareness and change agent skills;
Youth Initiative Program, Sweden, on inner transformation and initiatives for social change;
Art of Monastery, Italy, on art in-residency and community-building;
Plenum, Austria, on responsible leadership.
The program of the evening included speed-dating, songs and energizers and other socializing activities and networking opportunities.

Visionautik Akademie

Visionautik e.V., Görlitzer Str. 65, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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