Being on fire - what the fire can teach you

“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames.”
Rumi (1207 - 1273), Persian Sufi mystic 
The time is upon us again, inviting us to become a little quieter and move closer to the fire. How about not only moving closer to the physical fire, but also to your own inner fire? What are you burning for? What is really meaningful to you? What makes you feel alive through and through and envelops you like a warm glow of fire just thinking about it? What are you willing to stand up for, accept discomfort and take risks for? And what would it be like to just go out and let that fire shine brightly and powerfully?

What you can learn from the fire for a life full of liveliness and energy:

Let sparks fly.

Ignite others with your ideas, your liveliness, your enthusiasm. How can what is important to you become meaningful to the people around you? How can you take them with you on your journey? And let yourself be inspired by others too. Fire each other up.

Radiate warmth.

Fill your life with benevolence. Benevolenc and kindness, regardless of whether someone is useful to you, whether you particularly like someone, whether he or she behaves as you expect or would like them to. Try living a life that is infused with a constant source of kindness - towards others and also towards yourself, your faults and limitations.

Become the focus.

The word focus (Latin: Focus=fire) reflects the focussing power a fire has. It radiates into the darkness and has a natural attraction. People gather around the hearth or campfire without the need for an appointment. Focus on what is meaningful to you and allow supportive events, things and people who fan your flames to be attracted by you.

Let your flames dance.

You haven't been wild, impetuous and unpredictable for a while? Take a break from being sensible, follow your untamed joy, make your inner self dance and let your own breathless laughter vibrate each of your cells.

Become unstoppable.

A fire doesn't ask permission for long, it burns! On a firewalk you will experience first-hand what it means to stand up for what is important to you: If 400-600 °C hot coals couldn't stop you from standing up for your dream, how will an authority, a boss, a fear or unfavourable circumstances ever stop you again? Fire can teach you this and much more. You will find a good opportunity at our next firewalk on 22.10.

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